“Creo encouraged me to discover the artist God created me to be!”
-Mark, Artist

Creo Arts is a Christian nonprofit organization that was founded in 2022 with a vision to inspire beauty, goodness, and truth through the arts. We are working with artists and faith-based organizations across the nation to help start a wide range of art initiatives. We seek to do this by partnering with artists, patrons, foundations, churches, and schools around the world to bring beauty to the world.

Our Vision
Creo Arts exists to inspire beauty, goodness, and truth through the arts by cultivating community; curating spaces and events; and creating content.

Cultivating Community
We have a heart to help artists thrive in their faith and vocation by helping to form local artisan communities we call “guilds.” A guild is simply an artisan community that encourages artists personally, spiritually, and professionally. Some guilds are started in churches, while others are formed in the marketplace.

Curating Spaces
We seek to partner with churches and faith-based organizations to start a wide range of art initiatives, including artist guilds, art programs, art galleries, art events, and traveling art exhibitions. We work with churches and organizations of all sizes, from rural to urban to create and scale unique arts initiatives that meet each community’s needs.

Creating Content
We seek to create thoughtfully curated content about the arts such as books, training resources, short films, and documentaries. These resources are to empower artists, patrons, foundations, churches, schools, etc. to bring beauty to the world through the arts.