About Us

“Creo encouraged me to discover the artist God created me to be!”
-Mark, Artist

Creo Arts is a network that is made up of Christian artists from across the nation, who share a common commitment to the essentials of the Christian faith and a passion to bring beauty to our world through the arts. We want to partner with artists, patrons, art writers, foundations, churches, and schools around the world to encourage meaningful conversation and connection through the arts.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire beauty, goodness, and truth through the arts.


Our mission is to inspire beauty, goodness, and truth through the arts by cultivating community for artists and by equipping churches and organizations to engage the world with the arts.

Cultivate Community for Artists

Artists are story tellers, pollinators, and co-creators with the One who created the universe. God has given artists special gifts and talents that can be used to bring hope and light to the world. However, artists are often not welcomed or understood by many churches. Christian artists need community to encourage their faith and vocation to bring beauty, goodness, and truth to the world through the arts.

We have a heart to help artist thrive in their faith and vocation by helping to form local artisan communities we call “guilds.” A guild is simply an artisan community that encourages artists personally, spiritually, and professionally. Some guilds are started in churches, while others are formed in the marketplace. On one hand, these artisan communities will help disciple artists to deepen their faith and to help them feel more affirmed in their vocation. We also host an annual conference to gather, inspire, encourage, and equip artists.

Equip Churches and Organizations

We help equip churches and organizations by offering consulting and training to start art guilds, galleries, and other arts initiatives. We have a team of art professionals from various disciplines who are available to consult, train, and speak at workshops, retreats, and events. We are currently working across the US to help start a wide range of art initiatives, including local artists’ communities, galleries, and travelling exhibitions.

Where We are Working

  • In Kentucky, we have a local guild that is meeting in Wilmore and we curate a rotating art gallery at Asbury Theological Seminary.
  • In Virginia, we are helping to start an art guild with local artists in the DC area and we are working to start an arts initiative in Northern Virginia that involves a school for the arts and a theatre.
  • In Ohio, we are partnering with several Catholic organizations in Cincinnati to produce a film documentary.
  • In Israel, our artist-in-residence is working with professional and emerging artists.
  • We are also in conversations about helping to start art initiatives in California, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.